In 2010 it is 47 years since Kevin Murphy’s first long-distance swimming race and he is still completing marathon swims at the highest level. The year 2008 was the 40th anniversary of his first Channel swim and currently he holds the “King of the English Channel” male record with 34 crossings including three two-ways. In 2009 he passed his 60th birthday and another Channel swim was planned but in August he suffered a heart attack and underwent by-pass surgery. The doctors have told him:”You will be able to do things you could never do before.”



France-England-France 1987 in 32hr.42mins.(The first leg of this swim,
France to England was personal fastest Channel swim, 11hrs.46mins.)
England-France-England 1975 in 36hr.3mins – first two legs of the first
three-way attempt. Ordered out of the water because of bad weather after
swimming non-stop for 52hrs 30mins when half way back on the third leg.
England-France-England 1970 in 35hr.10min – third overall, first amateur and
first Briton to do the two-way.

England-France 2006 15hrs 14mins – 34th crossing to retake
King of the English Channel record.
England-France 2005 13hrs 35mins
England-France 2000 15hrs 10mins – 32nd crossing to take the
King of the 
Channel record and trophy.
England-France 2000 14hrs.29mins
England-France 1999 13hrs.53mins.
England-France 1997 15hrs.45mins.
France-England 1996 15hrs.30mins.
England-France 1995 15hrs.38mins.
England-France 1995 18hrs.27mins.
France-England 1994 15hrs.
France-England 1993 14hrs.37mins
France-England 1992 15hrs.5mins
England-France 1991 13hrs.58mins.
England-France 1991 15hrs.26mins.
England-France 1991 17hrs 6mins.
France-England 1990 13hrs 16mins – Earliest ever Channel swim. (May 29th) 

France-England 1984 14hrs.58mins.
England-France 1983 15hrs.29mins.
France-England 1983 15hrs 25mins.
England-France 1982 15hrs.12mins
England-France 1982 21hrs.22mins – Finishing on Boulogne Hoverport
England-France 1980 17hrs.28mins. – Awarded Channel Swimming Association
Endurance Trophy after swimming for 32hrs.42mins and getting within four miles
of completing another two-way.
France-England 1979 22hrs.42mins.
England-France 1977 14hrs.5mins.
England-France 1977 14hrs14mins.
England-France 1976 15hrs. 00mins.
France-England 1976 15hrs.32mins.
England-France 1968 in 15hr.55mins.


Scotland-Northern Ireland 1989 in 17hrs 17mins.
Northern Ireland-Scotland 1971 in 14hr.35mins.
Northern Ireland-Scotland 1970 in 11hrs.21mins – a record stood for 18 years.
Sea temp.48F-56F.


Irish Champion of Champions, June 2009 Sandycove Island, Cork, Ireland – 5 mile race, followed by 3 mile race followed by 1 mile race

Irish Champion of Champions Challenge, May 2008 Sandycove Island, Cork, Ireland – 5 mile race, followed by 3 mile race followed by 1 mile race. Third out of only four finishers. Sixteen other competitors retired or did not swim because of rough seas and cold sea temperatures. At age 59 oldest competitor by far.

Dingle Bay, Ireland Valentia to Couminole Beach, 15 miles 7hrs 45 mins July 2007

Sognfjord Swim Festival Challenge Race, Norway 3.7km Winner in 1 hr.32 mins. August 2007
(Wife, Jane did 1hr 34mins)

Aurlandsfjord, Norway 27.5km in 10 hrs 46 mins. First time this had been swum. August 2007

Alcatraz to Aquatic Park, San Francisco 1,5 miles 40 minutes. September 2007
(Wife, Jane did the same time.)

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco North Shore to South Shore 1+miles in 40mins. September 2007
(Jane did the same time.)

Santa Barbara Channel, California Santa Cruz Island to Santa Barbara,
25 miles in 17hrs 31mins. Only the third time this has been swum. September 2007

(Kevin was the trainer on the escort boat when his wife Jane swam the length of Lake Zurich, Switzerland, in the annual race. 26.5km in 11hrs 12 mins. Fourth in Women’s 40+ age group. August 2007.)

Sandycove Island Challenge (Cork, Ireland) 1 mile approx.September 2006 1st in 55-59 age group.

Lake Tahoe USA July 2003 (alt.6,300ft California/Nevada border) 21+mls.
in 13hr.56min. August 2003

Alcatraz-Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco July 2003 1.5mls in 45mins. August 2003

Catalina Channel August 2003 (Catalina Island to Los Angeles) 22+mls.
in 15hr.23min. August 2003

Chicago Shoreline June 2002 30+miles in 23hr.31min.

Around Manhattan June 2001 27mls. in 9hr.2min

Straits of Gibraltar (Tarifa to Morocco) April 2000 5hrs 15mins


Lake Windermere 2006 5hrs 45mins.

Solent Challenge 2000, Yarmouth to Gurnard, Isle of Wight,
8miles. 2hrs.45mins


Lake Como, Italy,1983/1984/1985/1986/1989/1990 30km. International race . 

Winner in 1983. Personal best time 8hrs.30mins.

Lake Mergozzo,Italy 1989 11miles – Race celebrating the Napoleonic soldier
allegedly floated across the Channel. He came from the region of
Lake Mergozzo.

Marathon du Saguenay, Canada 1988 42 km 7hrs.4mins.

Table Bay 1987 Robben Island to Blouberg in 2hrs. 7mins.

Table Bay 2-way 1987 Three Anchor Bay to Robben Island & back 22km
in 10hrs.38mins.

24 hour pool race Brussels, January 1982 – 42.5 miles completed.


Winner of the Loch Lomond Scottish ASA Centenary Championship 1988
13hrs. 57mins.(Conditions were so bad none of the other swimmers were able to finish.)

Richmond to Gravesend 1980 length of the tidal River Thames through the
centre of London 42 miles in 17hrs.25mins. – inaugural record.


Sydney Harbour, Australia 1977 12 miles International Challenge race
winner in 

Capri to Naples, Italy, 1977 23 miles in 11hrs. 15mins. 

Nile Marathon, Cairo, 1974 20 miles international race in 11hrs 9mins.

Capri to Naples, Italy, 1974 23 miles in 12hrs 15mins. 

Lake Balaton, Hungary 1973 48 miles in 43hrs.15mins.(Believed to be a 

Majorca to Minorca, Spanish Balearic Islands 1972 25 miles 15hrs 40mins – Record. 

Table Bay, Cape Town 1973 Three Anchor Bay to Robben Island in 3hrs.45mins.

Table Bay 2-way 1973 Blouberg to Robben Island & return in 6hrs.


Across the Sea of Galilee, Israel, 1974 six miles 3hrs.16mins.

Lake Windermere 1966 1st International 10.5miles in 5hrs 28mins.

Lake Windermere International 1974 25km 10hrs. 00mins. 42secs.


Loch Lomond 1979 12hr.53min

Lake Windermere individual swim 1979 5hrs.55mins.

Loch Ness 1976 23 miles in 10hrs 30mins – Record (since broken). Water temperature 42F-56F

The Wash 1976, Hunstanton to Skegness in 7hrs.10mins (Record)

The Wash , Skegness to Hunstanton 17mils. 1976 7hrs 47mins – new record; and 1973 13hrs.54mins –
inaugural record.

Torbay (Torquay-Brixham-Torquay) 8miles; 1976 3hrs.40mins

Mumbles to Aberavon, South Wales. 1976 2hrs 55mins.

Lake Windermere 1975 6hrs.15mins. – this was four days after Kevin’s
52hour three-way attempt.

Lake Windermere 10.5miles 1974 Annual championship 6hrs.13mins. 30secs.
Belfast Lough, Whitehead to Bangor, Northern Ireland.

Gorey to Bouley Bay, Jersey, Channel Islands, 1974 2hrs.52mins.

Walton to Clacton 7 miles 1974 3hrs.14mins.

The Wash , Skegness to Hunstanton 17mils. 1973 13hrs.54mins inaugural record.

Lake Windermere Sept 1973 10.5miles Annual Championships 7th in 5hrs 49mins 44secs.

Bristol Channel 1972 North Devon to Porthcawl 28 miles in 15hrs.8mins –

Torbay Championships (Torquay-Brixham-Torquay) July 1972 8miles 5th in 4hrs 41mins 57secs

Lake Windermere Sept 1972 10.5 miles Annual Championship 7th in 5hrs 52mins.

Folkestone-Dover 1972 6mls 1hr.51min. Fourth in inaugural race.

Walton to Clacton 7 miles 1972

Round the Isle of Wight Sept.1971 56 miles 1971 in 26hrs.51mins- inaugural record.

Torbay (Torquay-Brixham-Torquay) 8miles 1971 3hr.37min. 2nd in Championship.

Torbay Championships (Torquay-Brixham-Torquay) July 1970 8miles 4th in 4hrs 7mins 30secs


Lake Windermere 1966 1st International 10.5miles in 5hrs 28min, representing England


Lake Windermere two-way 1969 21 miles.

Torbay (Torquay-Brixham-Torquay) July 1969 8miles 2nd in 3hrs.57mins 39secs

Walton to Clacton Championships Sept.1968 7miles 4th in 2hrs 46mins 03secs

Trentham lake Championships Sept. 1968 3miles

Two-way Solent, Ryde to Southsea and back 3hrs 34mins (record). During this same swim, setting a record for the one-way Ryde to Southsea 1hr.45min.

Loch Lomond 1967. 2nd in BLDSA Championship15hr. 4min.;

Torbay Championships (Torquay-Brixham-Torquay) July 1967 8miles 4th in 3hrs 46mins.

Lake Windermere Sept 1967 10.5miles Annual Championship 6th in 6hrs 34mins 30secs

Torbay Championships (Torquay-Brixham-Torquay) July 1966 3hrs.51mins.;

Weymouth-Lulworth Cove 1966 10 miles 4hrs 50mins

Lake Windermere individual swim 10.5miles 1964 6hrs.29mins. Age 15

Lake Bala North Wales 3mls. 1964 winner of junior championship.

Lake Bala North Wales 3mls. 1963 2nd in junior championship;

ENGLISH CHANNEL RELAYS (all standard six person):-

France-England Channel Relay record 1965 – member of
Phoenicians SC team which set the then team record of 9hrs58mins.

England-France Channel Relay 1987 – Marrow Environment Project
charity team.

England-France Channel Relay 1987 Channel Swimming Association Diamond
Jubilee Team

England-France Channel Relay 1991 Daytrippers Team.

England-France Channel Relay 1992 – Barnet Copthall SC team.
England-France 2006 Hubert House men’s team


Loch Ness Relay 2005 (six person)

Loch Ness Relay 2000 (six person)

Round Jersey Relay – 2003 (four person)

Loch Lomond 2-way Relay 2002 (six person)

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