Who is Kevin!

Okay this Matt (Kevin’s son) doing some of the techie stuff for the web page.  Well trying to anyway.

Will do my best.  As this is the first post I thought I would post this video up as it just gives a bit about Kevin and some of his achievements.  This video was done for his induction into the International Swimming Hall of Fame.

Feel free to post a comment below.

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3 Responses to Who is Kevin!

  1. Kathy Batts says:

    Although you have just started this web site you have done a really good job. The video made me smile I had forgotten how much your Dad has changed over the many years.
    I have fond memories of the River Thames swim, getting soaked through to the skin, becoming very wet and cold and I wasn’t even in the water and all this exactly a week before I got married!
    Your dad has always given me sound advice and made me laugh at some of his antics
    and he has encouraged me in all my swims, he is very positive, supportive, easy to talk to and the best Ambassador the UK or indeed Europe has. A pleasure to be his friend.

    Kathy Batts (nee Smith) xx

  2. ruth garde says:

    Hi there Kevin and Matt,
    I am writing to ask for a little research help, if you can spare the time.
    I am a writer based in the UK and I am currently writing a book for children to do with health myths and facts, where I would like to mention Kevin and talk a little bit about what he eats before and during his channel swims. If you would have the time to provide me with that information or perhaps direct me to any interviews online where I could find that information then I would be very grateful.

    Many thanks in advance,

    Ruth Garde

  3. Andy Wilson says:

    I remember Kevin from many years ago training at Harrow Swimming club. A genuinely nice guy, we would play Water-polo in a quite unconventional way in the outdoor pool on Summer Wednesday evenings. But I really remember that when my little sister wanted to swim her first 50m length, Kev got out, stopped, encouraged her up the pool, and then got on with training again. Fantastic memory!

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